About us

ModuSpec Deepwater Subsea specializes in Real Time Monitoring, Troubleshooting, Compliance Verification and BOP Digital Pressure Testing (OTC). We have a team of industry recognized Subject Matter Experts, highly trained specialists, and technicians focus on the main areas of subsea operations which can guarantee a reduction of downtime and improvement in operational performance.

Our dedicated Subject Matter Experts have a minimum of 15 years of subsea experience, and a comprehensive domain knowledge to improve workflows and standardize processes. We have a premier capacity to continuously monitor equipment, identify issues and resolve them in the shortest possible time.

Industry legacy

We are the largest BOP Monitoring & Compliance provider by the number of rigs under review globally, with the largest pool of experts for BOP Monitoring & Compliance. We have completed over 50,000 hours of BOP Real Time Monitoring experience.

We have a proven track record of improving BOP uptime through analysis and issue resolution. We were also the first independent third party to receive US regulatory approval for remote BOP Monitoring & Compliance in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our specialized, experienced, and trained subsea operations experts who monitor the system have long-term, retained service relationships with our customers and serve as an extension of the oilfield support for drilling contractors. We offer training and competency assessment programs tailored to specific client needs. Our seasoned Subsea Surveyors bring an unmatched level of industry expertise and experience, hands-on experience with contractors and OEMs.

Operational excellence

Our customers experience a range of benefits helping them to achieve excellence in subsea operations:

  • Reduced downtime and cost
  • Increased insight and reliability
  • Improved operational efficiency: avoiding lost revenue due to rig downtime
  • Maximized subsea rig uptime: over 90% in uptime and day rate efficiency
  • Reduced turnaround time between detecting issues and bringing the rig back to operational status, minimizing rig downtime and reducing end-of-well maintenance times
  • Abnormality tracking & troubleshooting support
  • Identifying and troubleshooting issues at a record speed, conditions-based maintenance
  • Eliminating the drilling contractor’s need for investment in control room assets and Subject Matter Expert resources
  • Eliminating the need to shut down the platform when switching providers
  • ModuSpec Deepwater Subsea RTM platform – a leading technology enabling digital fingerprinting of subsea BOP assets
  • A digital link to objective quality evidence for ensuring compliance
  • The most accurate picture of BOP health possible; know your equipment health – anytime, anywhere