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Full service scope - support services

We offer a range of subsea support services, including:

  • Proactive notification of system changes and anomalies rather than reactive responses to algorithm outputs
  • Trained Subsea Subject Matter Experts monitoring the RTM system
  • Instant response for trend requests from Subsea Support teams
  • Ability to overlay trends from different data tags to highlight key issues
  • Additional technical support extended from the RTM center via the broader MR Group
  • BOP surface soak test ensuring full BOP integrity prior to deployment

Commissioning and FAT Surveys

Restore confidence in your operations and let our team of subsea support Subject Matter Experts ensure your equipment is 100% functional and fit for service.

Mechanical Integrity Assessments

Our operational readiness assessment focuses on the major areas of a rig’s subsea operation in accordance with CFR 250.732: people, assets, and documentation.

Subsea Technical Support

Subsea downtime can be prevented with the right focus and support. Our personnel consist of seasoned former Subsea Managers, Subsea Superintendents, and OEM FSE’s assist Clients with technical issues and support.

Customized Training

We provide industry first proprietary cusomized training, focussing on the training that Clients require to fill knowledge gaps.

Subsea Crew Development

This rig based mentoring program assitst Clients to reduce downtime and increase operational performance. We assist Clients with the development of their crew’s competencies by designing development programs for each individual all while assisting with proficiency of the department’s operations.

BOP Stacking and Reactivation Support

BOP stacking and reactivation is an operation that, if not done correctly can result in significant cost implications. Our team of   experienced subsea support professionals assist Clients with BOP stacking and reactivation workscopes.