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Real-time Subsea Asset Monitoring

The team from ModuSpec Deepwater Subsea is very proud to be pioneers in BOP Real Time Monitoring (RTM). With close to a decade of experience in this field and over 50,000 hours of BOP monitoring experience, we have built an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and data.

Being the first BOP RTM company in the offshore drilling industry with US regulatory approval and regarded as the innovator in this field, ModuSpec Deepwater Subsea is proud to be able to work closely with the US regulator and our Cients. We have forged a strong relationship with many drilling contractors as well as national and international operators and continuously seek to improve, enhance and pursue novel applications of this technology.

MR Deepwater Real-Time Subsea Asset Monitoring helps Operators and Drilling Contractors to maximize performance and safety of offshore drilling operations.

We help our customers around the globe with:

  • Verification of Compliance (CFR 250 and API 53)
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment, enabling early detection and analysis of issues
  • Our Real-Time Subsea Asset Monitoring approach helps to reduce risk and downtime, potentially preventing unnecessary stack pulls
  • Realtime visibility of equipment performance and health
  • Fleet and industry benchmarking and trend analysis, improving reliability and maintainability of assets