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Pre-deployment BOP testing with troubleshooting

The MR Deepwater Subsea Soak Test Procedure was built to provide a detailed view of the system, offering a different approach from a simple leak off rate. This industry-proven BOP test helps to ensure complete BOP integrity owing to early detection and troubleshooting of all issues before deployment.

Our BOP test allows our customers to look at the individual regulators in order to determine their condition through a trend analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of the condition of a specific regulator.

We assits by bringing in the associated functions to that particular regulator to observe the effect of each function and associated trends. By doing this, we assist Clients to ensure a BOP is at its best prior to deployment subsea. In turn, this has a proven track record of success in preventing BOP pulls following deployment.

We have a proven track record of success in preventing BOP pulls after deployment, with up to an 80% reduction of BOP failures. Our pre-deployment BOP test with troubleshooting enables clients to focus on individual regulators to determine their condition through trend analysis. We use proven and tested protocols that ensure a BOP’s fitness for service before deployment.